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X-Files Predicts 9/11 Six Months Before It Happened

Programs such as the X-Files routinely ideas for their episodes from the CIA.  On March 4, 2001 (six months prior to 9/11), X-Files “The Lone Gunman” episode revolved around a commercial flight being flown into the World Trade Center towers.  The perpetrators of this act was a “faction of our government.”  Man..  how the elite love to show us exactly what they plan to do – then sit back and laugh when it happens and we aren’t able to connect the dots.

Despite the uncanny similarities between “The Lone Gunman” pilot episode and 9/11, it seems to have quietly fallen down the memory hole of the estimated 13.2 million viewers who reportedly watched it when it was originally broadcast on March 4, 2001, just 6 months prior to 9/11.

Interestingly enough, U.S. government officials including President George W. Bush made public statements after 9/11 claiming they could never have imagined that terrorists would hijack planes and fly them into buildings. However, it’s now known that government agencies planned for and even simulated hijacked planes flying into buildings, including the World Trade Center leading up to 9/11:

NORAD had drills of jets as weapons

F.A.A. alerted as early as 1998 that Al Qaeda could “seek to hijack a commercial jet and slam it into a U.S. landmark,”

On the actual day of the attack a U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of their buildings!

Actor Dean Haglund, who starred in “The Lone Gunman”, was interviewed in 2005 by documentary filmmaker Alex Jones. They discuss the eerie similarities between the pilot episode and the attack on September 11, 2001, and Haglund also explains how he personally witnessed government agents working closely with X-Files Lone Gunman creator Chris Carter:

More details concerning “The Lone Gunman” at IMDB

Related Information

Condoleezza Rice Warned Sept. 6 About Imminent Terror Attack

CIA Director Warned Congress About 9/11 Attacks

“On Sept. 10, NEWSWEEK has learned, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns.”

NBC News reports FBI away in California on 9/11:

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  3. ricardo
    March 15, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    americans did it. planned it. executed … Chad Keller lived 30+ Years without incident, without dealing with the government (as far as we know) but within one week of working on this “terrorist tracking satellite” he dies in the building he was just working in, and more amazingly not from simply working in the building, but his plane crashes into the building he was just working in. the pilot also has the same story. slamics didn’t do it…

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