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Spread the New Word – The Word is “Tater”


Short for “Regurgitater”.  A person who gets their truth from the oblong, corporate banker controlled, mainstream propaganda machine – who refuses to do any research, whatsoever, on their own, then regurgitates it onto others. “Taters” are easy to identify by what comes out of their mouth – words, thoughts, ideas and opinions regurgitated from the oblong box. “Taters” reflect 70% of our non-thinking population.  What they hear becomes their truth, regardless of what they see.

A “Tater” has eyes but is unable to see.

It is common knowledge that free thinking, truth seeking, constitution believing people and groups are labelled by the mainstream propaganda machine as “truthers” – “birthers” – “tenthers”. They are placed in these groups for the purpose of discrediting and/or applying negative connotations to the individual or the group. This allows the mainstream propaganda machine to carryout several functions:

  • Never give the issue behind the group any attention or worthwhile, legitimate coverage
  • Attach incidents to the individual or group for further discrediting
  • Remain loyal to their elite employers by lying to and selling out their fellow human

They use the following type of backwards, non-rational thinking that doesn’t even apply in mathematics:

  • Oh My God – the pentagon shooter was a “Truther” so all “Truther’s” are dangerous gun owners
  • Oh My God – the pentagon shooter was mentally ill, so all “Truther’s” must be mentally ill
  • Oh My God – those awful “Tea Partiers” have gathered together – they must be an angry mob

Using labels,  then assigning connotations and incidents to them operates on a schoolyard level. Since the mainstream propaganda puppets believe that their followers are stupid, useless eaters, they employ the schoolyard tactics that they feel the followers can relate to when they themselves used such terms in school (geek, jock, prep, freak, skater, stoner, etc.)

Unfortunately, it works.

So now, when someone calls you a “Truther” because you (along with the majority of the population) has questions about the events of 9/11 – let them know that they shouldn’t be a “Tater.”

When someone calls you a “Birther” because you feel that our president should simply show his birth certificate (instead of spending 1.6 million dollars to not show it) – let them know they shouldn’t be a “Tater.”

When someone calls you a “Tenther” because you believe in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution – tell them they shouldn’t be a “Tater.”

Use the label.  The word is “Tater.”

Help us come up with “Tater” variations by adding your comments below.  We will start with one:

Beck Tater: A “Beck Tater” is a “Tater” who is a spectator and regurgitater of Glenn Beck.

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