Forbidden Knowledge

I want to state clearly that this video is not an attack on the Jewish people, but rather, an effort to expose Zionism and Freemasonry. Many Jews speak out against Zionism and Freemasonry, and to them they have my utmost respect, admiration, and support. The criminal elements must be exposed if we ever wish to have a world of peace, equality, and prosperity. The time for action is now! Naivety and timidness will lead to our demise. I abhor racism and actually do not approve of every picture in this video, but I find the information highly important and worthy of circulation. God bless all nations, regardless of race, religion, or creed. Evil knows no bounds, so lets all do our part to expose it and move the world into a more positive reality.

  1. recce1
    March 24, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    I can remember many people during the civil rights struggle who said “Many of my friends are negros,” but in fact they were racists. Grandelusion can make all the denials he wants but the message is clear, he’s anti-semitic.

    By the way, is not Christianity based on Judaism. Wasn’t Jesus a Jewish carpenter? Can one understand the New Testament without understanding the Jewish Bible? And are Jews not Caucasians but a separate race as is hinted at in the video?

    Also, it seems that Grandelusion in denial about the truth of Islamic aggression against the West from its very beginning. Why, when and where did the Roman Empire fall? Who did El Cid and Charlemagne fight? Does Grandelusion know the reason why Columbus, a Christian of Jewish background, tried to find a new route to China and India? Does he knot know why the first line of the Marine Hymn was written? Does he not know that WWI was a result of a European trying to throw off the last of the Islamic Caliphate from Europe and that WWII was an extension of WWI? What has been the one bedrock goal of Muslims for the last century?

    So he rails against the Jews but cagily offers no solutions. Could in his mind the solution be the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state and the Final Solution? One can only wonder.

  2. deedums2788
    March 24, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    The anti-semitic argument is far over-used and doesn’t hold here. In order for granddelusion to be anti-semitic, there would have to be some racism and, of course, some Jews.

    The Zionists which presently rule Israel are not true Jews. In fact, the Orthodox Jews have been fighting the Zionists longer than the Arabs.

    Yes, Jesus was a Jew, and his Chosen People are the natural Jews, and many historians and archaeologists believe that they were dark skinned people. Some even believe that they had some typical African features, specifically their lips and noses. So what? So what if Jesus didn’t look like you or me? (I’m assuming you’re white/caucasian/anglo).

    Within all the historical events and figures you mention.. Islamic agression was, indeed present, but so was Christian agression and Jewish agression, and all kinds of aggression. All entities in those times were trying to spread out and rule as much land as possilbe. Most aggression had nothing to do with one’s religion or ideology, and people of many different religious beliefs lived under rulers of opposite belief. It wasn’t always fair for those who believed differently, some had to pay different taxes and things of that nature, but were not persecuted for their faith.

    There were times, and they seem a secondary objective when people were killed due to their faith. But, the Islamic or Muslim people were not the only group doing it.

    Granddelusion is not ‘railing against Jews’, but rather shedding light on a pretty well-kept secret – that the land of Israel is presently being ruled by non-Jews. Those Zionists are said to be Ashakanazi’s who were of the occult. They were/are into freemasonry and are Luciferian (devil worshippers). If you are a Christian, and a Bible believer, you’d do well to take another look at Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

    And, if you’re worried about the Muslims destroying the temple mosque, as I assume you are, you should look at some news out of Israel from the last few days. The “jews” are going to take the mosque on April 1st. They are demanding that it be taken down, and rebuilt. Do you know what that means? Once it is rebuilt, the anti-christ will shortly arrive. Who would you rather have rebuild the temple? Zionists or real Jews or even Muslims? The time is at hand to determine.. on which side of good and evil will I stand? Have I been deceived? Maybe we should all pray the prayer of Psalm 139:23-24 Search me, God, and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts. And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way of the Lord.

    No matter if you believe this to be true or not.. Jesus has told us, “I am the way, the truth, and the light”.. so although history can be revised and stories told differently, that is the one true thing we can all hold to.

  3. recce1
    March 24, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    deedums, can I assume that if I don’t believe your version of history or who is a Jew or not that you believe I’m not a Christian? Perhaps you can tell me from Scripture just what or who is a Christian. By the way, I wouldn’t dream of challenging your Christianity for what I believe are profound misunderstanding in your post.

    Saying that granddelu isn’t anti-semitic because there are no Jews that he talks about is rubbish. Also, Jesus’ chosen people aren’t natural Jews, most are adopted Jews like me. At least that’s what Paul said. Also, didn’t Moses and about all of the prophets have problems with ethnic Jews dabbling in the occult? I think you’re misinterpreting the passages in Revelations. I take them to mean Jesus was saying that real Jews were those who believed and acted on the Scriptures, which told of Him. It’s like my pastor who said God has no grandchildren. I’m sure you know what he meant. Being a Jew or a Christian is more that ethnic birth, rather it’s a matter of heart felt belief and trust. Didn’t Jesus advise against setting dates for His return although warning us of all generations to be prepared for it? As for the mosque on the Temple Mount being taken down, I agree it’d be a significant sign the end is near and something for us Christians not to fear. By the way, maybe this disqualifies me as a Christian in your view but I’m a Caucasian Hispanic protestant pentecostal of the Heinz 57 variety (meaning being of Hispanic origin I might have Jewish, Moorish, Caribbean Indian, and Black in addition to Caucasian European blood in me) but I whole heartedly agree with Psalm 139:23-24.

    I find your comments about aggression to be quite true in most respects. It’s part of the curse of the Fall as I’m sure you’re well aware. But Islam teaches as a matter of religious duty aggression against infidels. Are you aware of the meanings and principles of Dhimmitude, Mar al-Islam, and Jihad and its history in Europe? Without understanding this it’s almost impossible to understand the current crisis. In anywhere in the New Testament does Jesus, Paul, or the other writers even hint of such an approach. They teach us to love our enemies and do good to them. But it doesn’t teach us to be doormats or to be coat holders like Saul was.

    And yes Jesus is the one truth we can hold onto. But doesn’t granddeu’s site say “Open Your Mind and Forget Everything You Know to Be True”? One can open their mind so much that their brains fall out. No matter what else, I won’t forget who Jesus is or what He means to me. That is Truth.

  4. deedums2788
    March 25, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Recce. You’re right on correcting me about who is a Jew.. and you’re right that the people who truly practice that faith would qualify. But orthodox Jews and Rabbis speak against the Zionists, and say that they do not practice the faith. This would then speak to the “Jews that are not Jews” in Revelations. They murder, they destroy, and they take over land that is not their own.

    The Koran does have wording as you describe, relating to aggression against infidels. But our own Bible also tells us to stone (kill) our rebellious children. We do not do that, we follow the teachings of peace and love – of Jesus. The same is for Islam. The greatest majority do not follow the aggression passages, but rather the peaceful ones, and of those, like our own Bible, there are many. Our western media promotes a fallacy and lie about Islam, in order to further the agenda of the taking of our liberties. There has to be a ‘common boogyman’ and since the Koran has this wording, it’s very convenient. It also furthers the agenda of Israel. To demonize Muslims and gain military assistance to destroy them all- from the US. The leaders in the US know there is no aggression, but rather, ‘fighting back’ by Palestinians and other Arabs/Muslims to the great attacks perpetrated upon them by Israel for over 6 decades! Yet, there has to be a rallying, or support of the people of the US, and that is why the lie is consistently told. The Zionists also own our western US corporate news media, and the talking heads are only too happy to pass out the information required by their bosses.
    I also do not agree with the esoteric information on this blog, I believe that is all of the devil, and I would prefer that granddelusion re-think providing it for it’s readers. In the end – and that may be sooner than we think – you and I agree that Jesus is the only way.

  5. recce1
    March 25, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    deeddums, as a graduate student in political science and history I agree that our MSM lies about Islam. It fails to report it’s true agenda and aggressiveness. It’s founder was a mentally ill bully, liar, thief, murderer, rapist, and child molester. Was Moses or Jesus like that? And where in the New Testament does it say stone anyone let alone children? Did you know that the Muslims rape and then stone women of the Bahai faith claiming they’re prostitutes since they’re not married to Muslim men or that the rape of women, and sometimes men, such as happened to some of our captured soldiers, before execution so as to prevent their going to paradise is common? But it would seem your understanding of the Christian faith is wanting, although that doesn’t mean you’re not a Christian at all. You know the most important aspect, faith and trust in Jesus.

    Remember I asked about the Marine’s Hymn? After the birth of our country our merchant ships were being attacked, the cargo stolen, and the crew and passengers put in slavery and held for ransom. But who did it. We say Barbary Pirates. they weren’t pirates, they were Muslims acting on the orders of the Islamic Caliphate. The Muslim ruler in Triopoli told our ambassador that such treatment of infidels was commanded in the Qur’an, and he was correct, and that the US could stop it by submitting to Dhimmitude and paying an annual tribute starting at 10% of our GNP. It would have bankrupted our fledging country. But Pres. Jefferson had other ideas and hence the opening words to the Marine Hymn. And at the time there was no Israel to kick around.

    By the way, what does the Bible say about bearing false witness? Neither the US nor Israel has ever called for the extermination of Muslims, but the reverse is true. Islam and many if not most of its leaders call for either the enslavement or extermination of Jews and Christians. It’s more than mere wording in the Qur’an. It’s just not reported in the American media, even conservative media. And not all or even most Zionists call for violence or murder. All the Muslim countries sided with Hitler because of his call for the extermination of jews. As a matter of fact, the defining attribute of Nazism is anti-semitism, ironic from a man who was part Jewish. Would it be right for me to say all Muslims favor the killing of Jews and Christians?

    As for no aggression, tell that to Israelis who had rockets fired at them for over a year before Israel retaliated. Explain why the moment Israel became a nation in accordance with Biblical prophecy the Arab nations declared war. What was the reason for the Disapora? So please, I beg you, don’t be a Chamberlain. He meant well but he helped precipitate WWII.

    But when all is said and done we’ll not resolve the dispute which is actually based on two factors. The immediate one we see is aggressive Islam and it’s desire to exterminate the Jews. The second is the dispute over the birthright between the descendants of Abraham from Hagar and Sarah, the children of Ismael (Arabs) and Isaac (ethnic Jews). That fight is over land and wealth, or unjust mammon as Jesus would say. But you and I know to whom the birthright will go to and what it really is, being a friend of and walking with God. God alone will resolve the internecine war.


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