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NORAD Confirms Never Before Seen 9/11 MSM Footage of Flight 93 Crashing Near Camp David

9/11 NORAD Exercises, “Flight 93 confirmed ‘Downed’ N.E. of Camp David” FAA say Flight 93 qoute, “It Blew Up”

3951N 07846W

NORAD TAPES obtained by Loose Change.

On 9/11 the Dept. of Defense and NORAD were conducting training exercises that involved the hijacked planes. When all of a sudden the exercises went from make believe to real world. Listen to the humor and laughter as the madness unfolds.

  1. recce1
    March 24, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    t sounded like the information was third-hand, from CBS newsman (I thought we weren’t supposed to watch TV as they always lie), FBI, and FAA. And it has to be admitted that from the beginning of the hijackings the FAA had its head up and locked as did NORAD. In the same report civilian witnesses more accurately confirmed the area of the crash.

    The big question was why were no Air Force planes launched, even if they were unarmed. By the way, usually two armed F-15s were on alert at Langley AFB, VA in case AF1 got in trouble. On occasion they had alert aircraft at Andrews AFB, MD. With the number of AF and Navy active and guard units on the East coast I find it hard to believe no aircraft, armed or not, were available for intercept for ID purposes. Could it be that the politically correct attitude of protecting one’s derriere was more important than protecting one’s country? If only we had access to the TS SI SCI reports Sandy Berger stole and destroyed or the Able Danger Reports.

    Let me add, in Alaksa the Soviets often tested our air defenses using Bear and Bison recon bombers, and on occasion transports similar to our C-130s. One time the Alaskan Air Defense Command fell asleep at the wheel and a Soviet Bear penetrated our airspace and AADC had no fighters to intercept it. However an RC-135 was on a training mission over western AK. It was tasked to intercept the Bear without much ground radar help. We became jokingly known as having F-135s when our plane pulled up alongside the Bear and asked in Russian if he was lost. It even gave him the name of his home base (we could monitor them) and directions for home. Although surprised the Soviets thanked the RC crew politely and was escorted out of US airspace. It was not the first or last time an RC intercepted another aircraft. I’ve done it in an RC over open ocean. Hell, we could have had a C-130 intercept the hijacked aircraft if we had been diligent.

    I might add, due to political pressure we have very few fighters on alert in the CONUS and absolutely no missile batteries other than mobile ones. The Nike batteries went out in the 60s. We never set up the missile batteries to protect DC or missile fields as allowed under the ABM treaty with the Soviet Union. Also, no US missile batteries anywhere are programmed to automatically shoot down any non-civilian aircraft, that’s the lore of Hollywood. All require human authorization. Period. There are however shoulder fired missiles distributed around high priority targets in the US. We also have some mounted on Humvees and other military vehicles that can be deployed. They’re short range but quite effective.

    By the way, we, the AF and Navy didn’t need to use guns or missiles to down an intruder and our standing orders were to bump, clip, or ram an intruder in desperate situations. Bumping wouldn’t always cause a crash; witness the Navy P-3 hit by a Chinese fighter over Hainan Island, which I have seen from the air.

    Now as to some of the myths surrounding 911. There was no Major Gabney in an F-16 who shot down Flight 93. There was a LC Gabney who landed an F-16 in Albany, NY and who had witnesses that he was there at the time 93 went down. I doubt his plan was armed as rarely are fighters armed on ferry flights. There was one plane that saw 93 in the air and two that confirmed the crash of 93 at Indian Lake, PA, not at Camp David. It was speculated by some that Camp David was the target, although some think it was the Capital building, but there’s never been any major crash site confirmed at or near Camp David. Human remains were found at the Indian Lake crash site along with identifiable airline parts. The debris field covered about two football fields, not a single smoking hole, but very light debris did float about a mile and a half to Indian Lake. Also, Indian Lake, PA isn’t NE of Camp David, Md as some claim but about 75 miles NW (about 12 minutes flight time) and nowhere in between was a major crash site found.

    Now when you also add up the myth about what hit the Pentagon or the myths of lack of airliner debris and body parts and the fact many did identify the aircraft that hit the WTC towers as airliners the whole 911 conspiracy theory begins to unravel. I’ve found many can’t identify a prop from a jet in the air let alone airliners from missiles. Also our largest missiles the size of airliners are strategic ballistic ones, quite unsuitable for taking out buildings from low angles. Cruise missiles are much smaller that airliners. Then as to a tanker being used as a decoy at Indian Lake, 135s are smaller than the wide body jets and the KC-10s, C-5s, and VC-25s have very different profiles. Only Hollywood could make footage changing such facts. But then Hollywood did film the moon landing on a backlot, right? And man can’t fly at over 50,000 feet as some claim.

    Now, could there have been real hijackings combined with explosives being planted at the WTC towers? It’s entirely possible but I believe unlikely. Wiring large a building, even unpopulated, in a city for controlled demolition in the US without witnesses and without wires or explosives showing has never been done as I recall. Maybe someone can refute that.

    So why the desperate urge to convince people of false flag operations such as 911, JFK assassination, etc? It has to be to inure people with such a distrust of the federal government as to eventually justify armed revolution. Could it just be that the far right and far left are joined in a common desire to destroy the US? Is it that they see that revolution thru bullets as preferable to ballots? Personally I think we need to throw all the rascals out, enact term limits, and institute certain safeguards like a balanced budget and acts like the Write the Bill, Read the Bill, One Subject at a Time, and the Enumerated Powers Acts not into laws which congress can change but into our Constitution. But belief in such seems to make me a tool to the New World Order.

    So I’ll pray and weep for what once was a democratic Republic under the rule of Constitutional Law and was once a shining beacon on a hill. The Great American Experiment is dead.

  1. March 24, 2010 at 5:27 pm

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