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Bishop Takes Knight

Written in the side caption in YouTube:

Although it was my original intention to write a descriptive piece that would accompany our video ‘Bishop Takes Knight’, my research partner and I no longer feel that such a piece is necessary. We both believe that the video speaks for itself. One ought not be surprised by the success of this video given the vast number of people who are already aware that the “Holocaust” is the greatest and most cruelest hoax in the history of humankind. The success of ‘Bishop Takes Knight’ confirms two important facts: that the mainstream media is completely out of touch, and that the Jewish propaganda machine is gradually breaking down as more and more people become enlightened by truth.

The myth of the “Holocaust” is being exposed right, left and centre, and there is nothing that Jewish interests can do to stop the momentum. Sure, they can imprison those who they decree to be “Holocaust deniers”, but there aren’t enough jails to hold all of us. When “Holocaust accepters” have to resort to imprisoning their opponents they have already lost the debate. Those who do not accept the official version of 9-11 are not imprisoned because of their beliefs nor are those who do not believe that American astronauts landed on the moon. Not even those who would deny the existence of God almighty are incarcerated for their beliefs. Only those who dispute the “Holocaust” are deprived of their liberty. This is the “thought crime” that Orwell forewarned of and of which Bishop Williamson speaks.

Michael Stewart and I are delighted that so many people have appreciated our work, and that we have helped push the “Holocaust” debate further into the public consciousness. Credit must be given to Bishop Richard Williamson whose courage, conscience and power of conviction inspired us greatly. ‘Bishop Takes Knight’ is our way of reassuring Bishop Williamson that he is not alone, and that his beliefs are espoused by countless millions of others who, like the Bishop himself, have also researched 9-11 and the “Holocaust”, only to have drawn the exact same conclusions as Bishop Williamson did. This is our way of saying “Thank You” to a courageous and spirited man.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to all the websites and blogs that have linked to ‘Bishop Takes Knight’. In doing so, each of you has ensured that Bishop Williamson’s message and his plight will reach a wider audience. Thank you all.

Jim Kerr ~ Webmaster ~ FugaziQuo.Com

  1. recce1
    March 25, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    Grand Illusion, a lie by innuendo is still a lie and you’re contributing to it. Name one person in the USA who has been imprisoned for stating that the Holocaust is a hoax if you can. The Bishop might not be a right wing Hiterite, but he certainly can be considered an enabler. Why the Vatican doesn’t defrock him is a mystery. Bearing false witness is a sin and his apology rings quite hollow. But then I suppose some will say it was forced. As for being ousted from Argentina, no proof was given, just a wild claim.

    But it’s interesting that the video wants to link the “myth” of 911 and the “myth” of the Holocaust.

  2. recce1
    March 25, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Grand Illusion. you choose what you want to post on your site. If you just want to say it’s for people’s info but you don’t necessarily agree with it just say so. But considering your anti-semitic rhetoric I believe you do agree the Holocaust was a hoax? But say I’m wrong.

    Yet how conveniently you stepped around my question. Name one person in the USA imprisoned for denying the Holocaust. And then tell I’m the one propagandized. Let’s have some honesty on your site.

  3. deedums2788
    March 25, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    recce1. As you saw in the video, there is only one historical document available, and it shows just under 300,000 jews killed in the Holocaust. The Bishop is merely stating what ‘evidence’ shows. There are also several books which tell that Zionists (Ashakanazis) were in the army of Hitler. These same Zionist killers are the ones that perpetrated the lie that they are the Chosen Ones – Jews (when they are not – and are actually Jew killers). The exteme exaggeration (lie) of the number of murdered Jews (6 million) in the Holocaust is what has allowed the Zionists to overthrow the people of Palastine.. overthrow and murder them, and take their land. Any time anyone criticizes a person who calls himself a Jew, he’s called anti-semitic.. people have been conditioned to not critisize ‘jews’, not question ‘jews’, and not question any statement about the Holocaust. How very convenient when you’re a faction trying to control the world – that you have all these protections and sympathies.
    “Naming one person” in the US that has been imprisoned for calling the Holocaust a hoax is like asking for the name, address and telephone number of the people who planted the nano themite explosives in the world trade center buildings. It’s not for any of us to give the true story with all the details, it’s for the people who claimed to have investigated and have given their accounts – to prove it. If their stories do not add up – which neither of these stories do – then they need to open it back up to a new investigation – or they need to be called liars. Their choice. But no other alternative is available.
    If there is no evidence for the versions of these stories that you believe, why do you believe them?

  4. recce1
    March 26, 2010 at 12:30 am

    Grand Illusion, I’ll answer the question for you since you’re afraid to. There’ve been no Americans imprisoned for denying the Holocaust in the USA. There have been a number in Europe, but we’re talking about the USA or should I say USSA. By the way, where you ever in Germany soon after WWII. I was when my father, an Army doctor was stationed there. He saw enough evidence to believe the Holocaust happened.

    The comparison between arrests and who allegedly planted thermite is bogus and you know it, or should. You’re absolutely right on the alternatives. But judging from the accents of the video it was from Europe, but it implies, or you do, that it relates to the USA. Like I said, a lie by innuendo or implication is still a lie. But it’s a favorite tactic of conspiracy theorists.

    As for evidence of what I believe, you’re wrong. But then you have to claim that I have no evidence. But there are photos at the Pentagon and at the Indian Lake site of damaged major aircraft components; not tails of wings, but landing gear and engine compressor parts. But go ahead and claim they were planted if you like. Like I said, I’ve seen aircraft wreckage. Have you?

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