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“Totally Natural” Cloud Formations! Cough. Choke.

  1. recce1
    March 27, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Of course the way to eliminate these “natural” clouds is to do away with all aviation, including not only jet aircraft, but also prop. In the process we should also ban internal combustion engines on land. We can then proceed towards the goal of a socialist agrarian society. By the way, wasn’t that the goal of Pol Pot?

    This video proves no conspiracy although there’s a legitimate concern about jet fuels, particularly Jet B, JP-7 and JP-8 that have additives that make engines more efficient at higher speeds and altitudes and lower temperatures. Could they pose an environmental hazard? It’s a legitimate question.

    A few of the additives in jet fuels are anti-knock, anti-oxidants static dissipaters, corrosion inhibitors, icing inhibitors, metal deactivators, biocides, thermal stability improvers, and methanol. Then there are some classified additives for very high altitude high speed military aircraft serving a legitimate purpose – for the aircraft. I doubt all of these are breathable or drinkable. By the way, many of these additives are present in diesel, home heating oil (diesel except for green dye for tax purposes), and gasoline.

    But are they evidence of a conspiracy? Hardly. However, an earlier article raised an excellent concern. Could unscrupulous companies be disposing of hazardous aviation unrelated chemicals thru air dumping as was done by dead of the night tanker trucks of chemical into streams and ditches and improperly contained waste into the oceans? Have we forgotten Love Canal?

    We should not merely raise questions but should demand answers. And if skullduggery is discovered, the penalties should fit the crimes. Personally, I would favor dumping miscreants from high altitude without parachutes, golden or otherwise. But that would probably be cruel and unusual punishment.

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