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Polish Plane Crash Truth Video

  1. Recce1
    April 24, 2010 at 12:56 am

    One of the favorite tactics of the Soviets was to move or spoof navaids such as VOR, VORTAC, and TACAN beacons so as to draw planes off course. Moving an ILS beacon could easily cause an approaching aircraft in IFR weather to crash short of a runway.

    There was even a case of a US Army plane with an Army general on board that was lured over the Turkish border into the USSR by a false beacon the Soviets failed to turn off. It landed at a Soviet air base unannounced. There were a lot of red faces all around. Fortunately the story ended happily, but we lost a number of military aircraft due to false beacons.

    Of course there’ll often be speculation in high profile crashes but it’s entirely possible, although pilot error is also a possibility. Considering the circumstances an international and independent investigation is warranted. I lost a friend at Shemya AB, AK due to a crash short of the runway due to bad weather and another who ran into a mountain on climb out due to bad TO data for hot weather and pressure altitude although the sky was clear.

    From the scene of the wreckage I highly doubt there were survivors. The shots could have been small arms ammunition cooking off in the weapons of onboard security personnel. As for the claim of no bodies being found, who did the Polish bury? And surely there were witnesses to top officials getting on the plane before its departure from Poland. Furthermore, there’s no proof that it landed anywhere before the crash.

    As for the comments about the reasons for Obama’s not attending, clear skies over Poland proves absolutely nothing. The air routes from DC to Poland would have taken AF1 thru ash affected areas. However, a route to Alaska and then a polar route could have been used but it would have required aerial refueling which AF1 is capable of, yet something avoided except for emergencies. As for it taking a couple of hours for the German Chancellor to drive to Poland, perhaps at least 10 hours would have been more accurate. However, the train system in Europe is quite good and non-stop it could have cut hours of a land trip. As a matter of fact, our president could have flown to the Canary Islands then to Spain or Italy and gone by train or possibly a swinging air approach from the southeast.

    All said and done, this video is based on the speculations of an unnamed reporter from an unnamed news company from unnamed sources. It doesn’t point to truth nor does it prove a plot but it does show a crying need for a far more thorough non-Russian investigation. Hopefully the international community will demand one.

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