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Mexican President Wants to Disarm Americans

  1. Recce1
    May 24, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Where can an individual in the US get an assault weapon, i.e., an AK-47? An assault weapon and an assault looking weapon are two different critters, but don’t expect liberals to tell you that. Assault weapons have selective fire; usually single, burst, and full auto. Most of the assault weapons in Mexico come from China. Furthermore, the true assault weapons supplied to LA Mexican gangs also come from China thru the port Pres. Clinton turned over to Chinese management.

    If necessary maybe we should take Pres. Calderon up on his request for stemming the flow of weapons into his country. Ask him if it’s OK to send US troops into Mexico to round up weapons, corrupt politicians, police, and Mexican troops.

    Complete the fence and then put regular Army troops on our side of the border with shooting orders against drug, weapons, prostitution gangs, and kidnappers. Also we should cut off the sending of money by illegals back to Mexico. Then see if Calderon sings the same tune.

    But back to the first sentence, where can I get an AK-47 in good condition cheaply?

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