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Roberts: ‘AIPAC Purchases US Elections’ & ‘Israels Flotilla Propaganda’

The deadly and illegal Israeli assault on a Flotilla aid ship has caused an outcry in the international community. In the United States the Obama Administration has been quiet about their official stance on what transpired. Paul Craig Roberts says that there will be nothing that is going to be done by the United States to change the relationship with Israel.  Israel controls our congress, our elections and our media. The mainstream media will carry Israel’s propaganda lies about the Gaza Aid Flotilla and the American Sheep will buy it – as usual.

  1. June 4, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    This is hardly a surprise. Capitol Hill, as well as the newsrooms across the country, are essentially Israeli-occupied territories. Everywhere else, anybody on a ship who used sticks and steak knives against invading commandos armed with machine guns would be praised for bravery. In the American Bizzaro world, though the Israelis can claim they were only defending themselves when they opened fire – and – even more laughable, the Amerikwans will believe them.

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