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Gaza Aid Flotilla: Separating Truth from Israel Propaganda

Stop repeating the Israeli government propaganda and learn the truth.  Those of us who were following the live feed from the Flotilla knew that the reports later to come from Israel were false.

The reporter, Jamal Elshayyal, was on the top deck when the ship was attacked.

Al Jazeera had its own camera crews travelling on the Gaza aid convoy. But all of the video they took has been confiscated by Israeli authorities. There is no word on when or even if the pictures might be released. But Israel has been releasing video that supports its version of events and contrasts with the reports of many witnesses. Dan Nolan looks at both sides of the story.

Misleading Photos Used by Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Justify Killing Activists

American Among 9 Gaza Convoy Dead

New York Times Fails to Interview a Single Flotilla Member About Killings

Eight Turks, One US Citizen Shot Dead in Israeli Attack to Aid Ship, Report Says

An Open Letter to President Obama – Ahmed Yousef

Gaza Flotilla Attack:  British Activists Tell of Abuse by Israelis

CNN Removed the Video of Huwaida Arraf’s Account (video)

Gordon Duff:  Israel Says Gaza Attack “A Silly Misunderstanding”

Israel Busted Faking Photo to Support Their Terrorism

Israeli’s Shot People in Forehead, Says Pakistani

American Killed on Gaza Aid Flotilla – Furkan Dogan was Shot 5 Times, Including 4 Times in Head

More to Come

  1. count us out
    June 4, 2010 at 7:10 am

    We should send the US Navy Seals’ Snipers along with the Turkish warships who are supposed to be escorting the MV Rachel Corrie, laden with aid for Gaza! President Obama sent them to protect the Captain and Crew of the Maersk Alabama, laden with aid for Mombassa, Kenya, that was raided by pirates in international waters. Oh we were so proud of the captain and the crew of that aid ship! They opened up a can of whoop ass on those raiders! The pirates were surprised by the crew that fought back! They’d never had that happen before. We were so proud of our people for fighting back! The Somali pirates were only punished with bullets between the eyeballs by our HEROIC NAVY SEALS but, as a nation, we wished there was more we could have done to them.

    Before and after that cordial meeting between pirates and the provocating aid ship, the pirates WARNED what they’d do if folks kept going into those (international) waters. (guns, blood, violence, death – that sort of thing)

    We answered before and after the terrorist attack on the dear, innocent pirates by the bad bad bad crew of the Maersk Alabama that we’d go anywhere we damned well pleased in international waters AND the MISSION of carrying AID to needy nations was worth the risks.

    We also said, in the future, ships’ crews could carry guns to protect themselves and/or we’d send the Navy along to – –

    hmmm to what? oh –

    to protect innocent, pirates who board aid ships in international waters who might be confronted by knife, pipe, or AK47 wielding crews or passengers on aid ships. Yes that’s what we meant, didn’t we.

    Furkan Dogan, Americans didn’t know you before you were killed but you will always be remembered. Rest in peace beside our Beloved Rachel Corrie – Two Heroic, Forever Young, Fellow Americans.

  2. count us out
    June 4, 2010 at 7:18 am

    If you go to the idfnadesk youtube site, you will see where they state that some of what we’re thinking is real footage is actually IDF REENACTMENTS! A side note, their youtube site was opened on or just before the ramming of the Dignity with Cynthia Mckinney aboard. As I was posting this, I went back to check their video note: It NOW says:

    From the security cameras aboard the Mavi Marmara: the passengers of the Gaza flotilla are seen here preparing for confrontation with the IDF soldiers. The rioters put on gas masks and arm themselves with rods, slingshots, broken bottles, metal objects, and water hoses. As the IDF soldiers approach the ship the rioters immediately attack the forces by hurling these objects at them.

    In the early hours of the 31st of May 2010, IDF soldiers boarded the ships of the “Free Gaza” Flotilla, after the ships refused to redirect their course. Aboard the Mavi Marmara the soldiers encountered serious violence when, in a preplanned attack, the activists on board lynched the soldiers with knives, metal rods and stole two of their guns. As a result 7 soldiers were injured and 9 activists were killed.

    This is what it said yesterday morning:

    Weaponry Overview and Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers … The opening footage of the video shows knives, rods, wrenches, gas masks, bulletproof vests, and binoculars found on the ship and gathered at the P… more The opening footage of the video shows knives, rods, wrenches, gas masks, bulletproof vests, and binoculars found on the ship and gathered at the Port of Ashdod. IDF soldiers then reenact how rioters prepared weaponry by using electric saws to remove metal poles from the stairs and other parts of the ship in order to attack the soldiers. The closing seconds of the film come from actual footage found on the Marmara showing the demonstrators preparing the weaponry.

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