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Restore America Plan – What Is the Purpose?

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What is the purpose of all the crazy events right now in the world. To show you the signs of the times, so that you may turn your heart towards HIM. I am lead to get this out to people so they can see just a couple of things that point to a One World Order.

There is so much evidence of the coming world order, coming slavery, that all you have to do is do nothing and you will fall right into it. The One World Order is technically already done, already here, already being implemented. ONLY GOD, through righteous men and women in prayer and action, are going to stop it. Teach the people HIS statutes, by your example, and we could have a different America. Killing babies, ignoring our elderly, putting men and woman into prison for Non Injured Party events, is being judged by our God. I got a phone call last night from a friend who just was alerted to the fact that hundreds of dolphins and whales are coming onto the shores of Florida every day. There is a gas that is being emitted from the water now that is going to kill and change life as we know it. What is happening in the gulf, (in my opinion) is irreversible. Life as you know it is going to be different. How different is the question. This is an direct attack on our people by the powers to be (PTB). The PTB have turned down support from multiple countries.

THE PTB HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS ABOUT our ability to restore the republics. We got news through the military just a couple of years ago and 1353 brave men and woman put their name to a document that you can find Here. This document and “We The People” can change the course of events. It still needs to be read and understood by all. We HAVE re-established the republic. Meaning, the military SUPPORTS US as a people now. We need to establish this movement in front of all, so they know and can support their new government. What people don’t realize is that all media is controlled by a few people. Those few are heavily tied into the bankers and global agenda. When we first served the Governors on March 31st of 2010, we were all over the news.

There are hundreds of links to the news that was played ONLY FOR 1 WEEK. PLAYED UNTIL the news realized that it was real and that the Old Republic Re-Formed. So… The evidence is there, that the media is controlled by the government. IF IT WASN’T, THEN YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN IT MORE THE NEXT WEEK. IT WAS ON EVER HOUR, OF EVERY NEWS CHANNEL FOR 1 WEEK. THAT NEXT MONDAY, YOU NEVER HEARD ABOUT THE Restore America Plan again.

All globalists (One World Order Pushers) have been working towards a catalyst as we have now for years. GO ON YOUTUBE and watch every president for the last 30 years tell the people that they are for the One World Order. There are so many videos of it that I don’t want to burden you with the links. You can literally see the leaders of the entire world now starting to push it and push it hard.

The following document is the Army’s Civilian Prison Camp Manual. HUH? Civilian?? We have prisons already. Why does the Federal Government have a need for these installations? Read Page 8 of this document. It is startling.

I have known about this document for some time and I was wondering how they are going to lead the sheep into these camps. Well, if you have no place to live, then you will live in one of these camps. There are 850 of them nation wide.

Could it be that the oil crises allows for FEMA to come in using troops to police the streets finally?? WHAT TROOPS? Let’s look at our troops now. DID YOU KNOW THAT OUR TROOPS TAKE TWO OATHS NOW? One to the President/UN and one to the constitution? Obama dispatched 17,000 National Guard Troops 3 weeks ago. Below is the website link to Northcom’s website showing that they have now completed training and are ready to serve US Citizens on our own soil against a local terrorist attack. (per their website) By the way, Northcom is a patch that shows North America. Not the U.S. It is also the colors of the U.N. Basically guys, they are seemingly trying to get us use to the idea U.N. Troops designated as U.S. Military. Remember, all military now takes 2 oaths:

Read the Attachment BIO of a Department Head for NorthCOM. (US ARMY NORTH)

“Lieutenant General Guy C. Swan III assumed command of United States Army North (Fifth Army) on 15 December 2009, following his assignment as the Chief of Staff and Director of Operations, CJ3 for Multi-National Force – Iraq. USARNORTH is responsible for homeland defense, providing military support to civil authorities, and conducting military-to-military engagement with the armies of Mexico and Canada.” Notice the 3 flags. American, NORTHCOM, and ??? I can’t figure out what that Red Flag is with White stars. If anyone knows, then please tell me. This man and every other military officer, may or may not know who he really is or who he is really serving. It may all be a blur to them. Our job in the new republic isn’t to battle them on issues, but rather to educate them on our country.

After thinking a bit, I wondered if there was a US ARMY SOUTH. What I found is incredible. LOOK AT THE SEAL IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER OF THE WEBSITE. What the heck does that mean? The website Seal has a ship with a red cross and is what they are using for the jurisdiction of the US ARMY SOUTH.

Also check out what is up with Colorado. Why did they build NORAD there? Check out NORAD hereand here.

“The North American Aerospace Defense Command?” Why doesn’t it say the US Space Command? Why did Canada and the US merge on this one? Why did they build the underground cities there? Why did they build the One World Airport there?

The COLORADO SEAL has the Roman Fasci Symbol and the All Seeing Eye inside of the pyramid. This symbol is all over our money, senate floor, government monuments etc.. Learn about the Roman Fasci symbol here.

It was a symbol used widely in the Roman Empire and it consists of rods bound together around an axe. This axe is the origin of the term Axis Powers for the fascist countries in the Second World War. The symbolism is of people and countries bound together under a common centralized dictatorship, the axe. Not only was this used
by Ancient Rome back in the day as one of its Symbols of “Supreme Authority”, but also by the Original “Axis Powers” of Europe back in the first half of the 20th Century prior too and during WWII. Point is, this symbol of ROME is all over the money, art, buildings, government offices, for the hidden agenda of the “New Roman Empire”.  Symbolism is everything.  Flags/Seals say WHO YOU ARE.

So, who is the U.S. Corporation that says they are your government. Do they really have your best interest in mind?
Obama says we are no longer a Christian nation.

Obama called himself a muslim mistakenly.

Obama Says now that we DON’T SUPPORT ISREAL. That is our death nail as a country.

NOTE FROM GRAND DELUSION: Myself and many others do not agree with the above statement.  I would like to determine if this statement is a belief of the Restore America Plan – or just of the author.

Before Obama became president he made some really derogatory comments about the bible. How can you be a Christian and put down the bible? We have to get the word out that he is no longer (LITERALLY) the commander and chief of the military. So if that statement weren’t true, who is he the commander of? Well.. A very confused military that was structured up to be ran by the UN and One World Order. They have put into place right underneath our noses, systems that LAWFULLY allow them to operate within our borders. SO, DUE TO THIS GULF OIL CRISES, WATCH HOW THEY TRY (AND I AM GOING TO EMPHISIZE TRY) TO ROLL IN THE TROOPS ACROSS OUR COUNTRY AND DO AS LITTLE REPORTING ABOUT IT. The news will call it “Peace Keeping”. They will largely be soldiers from the United States and they will be under the RULE OF THE U.N.

This email took some time to write. I have left so much out. Please take your time to study who the US Corporation really is and what their agenda is. They do not have your best interest in mind. So please get the word out. THE REPUBLIC IS BACK AND DEMAND THAT THE MEDIA MAKES MENTION OF IT. DEMAND THAT YOUR VOICES GET HEARD. WE CAN CHANGE THINGS. THIS IS GOING TO BE AN EDUCATION PROCESS. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO GET THE WORD OUT SO THAT ALL OFFICIALS RECOGNIZE THAT WE ARE IN CONTROL NOW AND THAT WE ARE FOR THE PEOPLE. We don’t control all the red buttons yet. Evil is deep seated here in our country. So pray that the LORD GOD forgives our country. JUDGMENT IS AT HAND.


-Kelby Thomas Smith-

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