The Sunset of the State

The message of this video needs to be acknowledged by all.  If it were, this fraudulent, false system would not be here today.  Now that many are waking up to the false system, the system is collapsing…   but everyone needs to wake up to this, NOW.

  1. Recce1
    August 19, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    The video is an excellent example of the far left Marxist anarchist position, the supposed socialist classless society without the need for government. The premise is that pacifism and anarchy, in the true meaning of the word, is the answer to human problems. Institute such and we’ll have a peaceful scientific nirvana.

    But the entire argument as enticing as it sounds is fatally flawed. The real problem isn’t the organized state; it’s the basic nature of human beings. Like it or not, we’re often, if not mostly, motivated by pride. From pride comes greed and fear. Due to pride we believe we deserve more than others. Thus we turn to coveting others’ belongings, relationships, or positions. This greed leads to the fear that others might have more than what we have or they will covet what we have, even if it’s only inner peace. So we resort to force, either individually or organized, to secure our position, and in doing so display our lack of inner peace.

    Such has been the history of mankind. To mitigate the worst of it we band together for mutual protection with each contributing to the defense of the group, in the ideal and unlikely case. Call it what you will it’s government. Unfortunately in most instances government has created its own problems. Government may be bad, but the alternative is worse.So individuals and small groups take control to convince, or more likely force, the rest of the group to prey upon others, even within the group.

    Thus the Founding Fathers in America embarked on a bold experiment exemplified by the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution including the Bill of Rights. And yes, we were motivated by Judeo-Christian principles, which I’m sure the author denies and rejects. Yet the author dismisses such documents, and probably the Bible, as ancient falsehoods which are alien and freaky.

    Yet the author, Stefan Molyneux I believe, offers no viable solutions in as much as pacifism has never succeeded, let alone prevailed for any significant region or long period of time. Those who have practiced pacifism and true anarchy individually or even as a group have either been enslaved or killed, tragically, despite the example they often exhibit as how humans should interact.

    It shows that we are little but technological barbarians, far closer to the cave than any real degree of civilization. In the wholesale ridiculing and rejection of the Social Contract the author shows an inability to deal with the reality of human nature or he has a more sinister agenda. To be frank, how would he institute his system; by force including pogroms, Gulags, and Killing Fields?

  2. August 24, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    people are stupid

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