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The Truth About the Neocon, Hijacked, Becktard, Tea Party Islamophobes

  1. Recce1
    August 26, 2010 at 3:16 am

    At first I wanted to say I couldn’t believe Granddelusion posted this video but then I have to admit I can understand him posting this demagogic intolerant screed. This unnamed sophomoric person is the epidome of an intolerant hypocritical conspiracist elitist minded anarcho-leftist.

    This person proves he’s an intolerant canard spewing demagogue when he refers to those he opposes as morons jackasses, islamophobes, racists, bigots, and idiot Beck retards. In his aggressive nescience I doubt he’s ever viewed any Beck programs but instead get his information on Beck by reading virulent Move-On and Huffington Post diatribes.

    He’s viciously intolerant of Christianity but doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what it teaches. His glee over the death of Falwell and his innuedndoes and prevarications that Falwell was a murdering terrorist as bad as or worse than bin Laden he shows his callowness, or perhaps his aggressive ignorance.

    And what’s his reference to a President Vagina about? Is it on his part anything like those liberals who actually believe Gov. Palin said she could see Russian from her home in Alaska? Due to all his vicious rhetoric he loses all credibility despite making a few good points. But no doubt he and Granddelusion expect people to believe his fervent display of delusion.

    His contention that the Tea Party was a 9/11 Truth Movement is at best disingenuous, at worst the imaginations of a paranoid conspiracist. While Ron Paul’s initial role because of his fiscal conservatism based on restraints placed on the Federal government by the Constitution was significant, the video blogger ignores the role of Mary Rakovich and others whose primary focuses were taxation, not the war although it’s obviously a drag on the economy. In addition, The TEA Party’s name explains its primary focus, “Taxed Enough Already.” And while some Libertarians have claimed that the neoconservatives have hijacked the Tea Party movement, it was not an anti-war movement.

    But this far left demagogue focuses on the military and the war while conveniently ignoring the burgeoning welfare socialist state and its takeover of many sectors of the economy thru greater government regulation and what is effectively nationalization. It’s also evident he sought out and found some of the extremists who will always show up at demonstrations. Of course he doesn’t talk about the fact that many of them were in fact leftist agent provocateurs. Nor does he mention the violent leftist demonstrations as exemplified by Aztlan, anti-war, and anti G8 and G20 demonstrations.

    As he believes that 9/11 was a Jewish Mossad/Bush-Cheney plot I’m sure that he favors in not merely stopping the war but also in dismantling the military. Of course he’s unhappy that Mr. Obama hasn’t achieved those objectives despite Mr. Obama’s actions to cut or eliminate most major military programs with the idea of making the US into a second or third rate power. Of course he feels that criticism about Mr. Obama refusal to prove his eligibility is racist and Islamophobic)

    As for his understanding of the Mosque issue, it’s non-existent. It’s not an issue about freedom of religion, but rather about Muslim insensitivity towards those who perished on 9/11. I’m sure he agrees with the Port Authority’s nine year refusal to Ok the rebuilding of the Greek Orthodox church destroyed on 9/11 or perhaps he’s blissfully ignorant of that issue. But then as he doesn’t believe Muslims were involved, just Jews and Americans, I guess it explains his appeasement views.

    By his very words it’s clear this inerudite puerile child is an intolerant atheistic far left anarchist. He scourges with disdain those he claims are responsible for hatred yet his whole video is a display of virulent hatred. It’s the pot calling the kettle black with no racist intent meant in my comparison.

    If Ron Paul saw or approved this video and didn’t distance himself from it he doesn’t deserve to be in public office. Furthermore, I can’t imagine the Tea Party wanting to associate with this so-called Libertarian who needs to resort to canards, innuendoes, prevarications, and ad hominem attacks.

    But I do understand Granddelusion’s affinity for it.

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