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“Reading Constitution Was a Mistake” – Sheriff Mack

The US constitution is violated daily, and the main perpetrators are the president and top federal government officials.

That is the view of Richard Mack, a former Arizona Sheriff who is now advocating state sovereignty as the only way to keep constitution-abiding America intact.

In 1994, he made national headlines when he filed a law-suit against the federal government. Since then, he has been encouraging state law enforcement officials to rise up against federal agents.

“When I was a cop I made a huge mistake – I actually read the constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights. And I saw, on the one hand, what the constitution says and I saw, on the other hand, what the government is actually doing,” he said in an interview to RT.

  1. Recce1
    August 26, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    I guess a lot of us should join Richard Mack in saying we made a “mistake” in reading the Constitution. No longer do we live in a democratic Republic under the rule of Constitutional Law. I would challenge anyone to say that the Bill of Rights is intact save the Third even considering the Heller Decision on the Second Amendment. And there’s the infamous SCOTUS Kelo Decision which effectively eliminated private property rights in the USSA (no typo). We must ask ourselves the old question, without property right can there be political rights?

    Furthermore, as a conservative registered Republican, I can’t claim that the Republican Party holds the Constitution in any more esteem than does the Democratic Party. After all, the Republican Party traded in its 1994 Contract With America for a contract on America, or should I say it traded in its birthright (its original principles) for a bowl of porridge (earmarks, pork, and contributions). The Bush bailouts were clearly unconstitutional and even socialist in nature. Then there was an unconstitutional war and the misnamed the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts which have gutted the Bill of Rights and the concept of Habeas Corpus.

    For purist Libertarians who want to end all government programs they dislike including pensions, Social Security, and Medicare, we must keep faith with those already depending on those programs. In cutting such programs back for the future, we need to at least return the investment to those who’ve paid into the system. There’s a biblical saying that we should keep our promises to our hurt. Otherwise Libertarians should be prepared for a revolution, and I mean a violent one.

    As for the Democratic Party, it’s been captured by the Left. The Obama/Reid/Pelosi triumvirate is a socialist welfare nanny one-party state cabal. They’re the neoconservatives (self described as former liberals mugged by reality who refuse to press charges, and having a Machiavellian view of governance) on steroids.

    But what I find interesting about the Left is its similarity to Muslims when it comes to their concept of telling the truth. It would seem that the liberal concept that truth is relative as there’re no absolutes goes hand in hand with the Islamic concept of Taqiyya which dictates that telling the truth if it hurts Islam or fellow Muslims is a mortal sin and that lying to further the cause of Islam is perfectly acceptable and moral. The Left and Muslims are made for each other.

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