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Jeff Rense Interviews Benjamin Fulford

These interviews will provide you with a crash course in the truth of how things are.  Many believe that much of this information is going to be exposed to the public soon.  If you are “well programmed” – you will be blown away if/when this information is made public.  Bring yourself up to speed by listening to both parts of these interviews.



Monckton On Climate Hoaxers: “Jail The Lot”

Bob Parks
Canada Free Press
March 11, 2010

Wednesday evening, I had the honor of attending a presentation given by noted ‘climate change’ skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton, sponsored by the Bull Run Republican Women’s Club in Manassas, Virginia.

As I didn’t think it appropriate to ask a long-winded Chris Matthews-type question, I essentially wanted to know (with all the revelations of deliberate fudging of climate data to “prove” global warming is happening) what the legal ramifications on the players could be, considering how many billions of dollars cities, states, businesses, corporations, as well as whole nations have spent going “green”, not to mention the adverse effects on developing nations?

Lord Monckton’s response was direct and to the point: “Jail the lot!”

If we find out Al Gore is changing his legal residence to Boca Raton, you’ll know the heat is on.