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Meet Your Strawman!

The story of how eveyone has a strawman created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue for your government.  A fun and informative animation made in the spirit of freedom.

The People’s United Community


Your Name in Capital Letters

It really is time to Wake Up. You will be asked by future generations what you did to stand against tyranny and deception and to stand for freedom and liberty (if not for you, for your children and your children’s children).  Wake up and get busy.  Your children are worth it.

Ron McDonald – Author of “They Own It All, Including You” on the Power Hour

Ron talks about Maritime Admiralty Law, Over-Regulation, Common Law, etc.  If this information was known to all, we would truly be free.

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Get Ron’s book: “They Own It All, Including You”.  Click on the book for more information.

Admiralty Law, Common Law, and the Sovereign

Word Magic’

Since long before we were a nation, this country has been governed by Admiralty Law; the international maritime Admiralty Law of the seas. It was created to regulate and track commercial products and resources between corporations and nations; it has nothing to do with regulating people, unless individuals voluntarily accept the maritime law as having ‘this authority’ over them. When the Maritime Admiralty Law of the Seas is being practiced the American flag is displayed with a golden fringe surrounding the flags in the courts or on the uniforms of those who are serving Maritime Law, and not the laws of constitutional United States.

“Think of an aspect of your life that dictates the limits of your freedom. Government and law enforcement, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, taxes, building permits, drivers licenses, and more. There are hundreds if not thousands of situations, regulations and boundaries on our freedom. Out of these – How many have you researched to find out how many of these apply to you or not?

Let’s look at the forms of law that we currently acquiesce to. The common misconception among people is that any rule or regulation that governs them falls under one category: Law. But there are many other forms of law that people abide by without realizing that they simply do not apply to them.

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Jordan Maxwell on Occult Law Property

April 12, 2010 2 comments

Are You a Sovereign Yet?

zShare Video: What Happened to the Constitution?