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Marine Vet Ken O’keefe Talks About Israeli Involvement in 9/11 and America’s Role in the World

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Former FBI Agent Breaks His Silence On JFK

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Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation

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“Reading Constitution Was a Mistake” – Sheriff Mack

August 26, 2010 1 comment

The US constitution is violated daily, and the main perpetrators are the president and top federal government officials.

That is the view of Richard Mack, a former Arizona Sheriff who is now advocating state sovereignty as the only way to keep constitution-abiding America intact.

In 1994, he made national headlines when he filed a law-suit against the federal government. Since then, he has been encouraging state law enforcement officials to rise up against federal agents.

“When I was a cop I made a huge mistake – I actually read the constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights. And I saw, on the one hand, what the constitution says and I saw, on the other hand, what the government is actually doing,” he said in an interview to RT.

The Truth About the Neocon, Hijacked, Becktard, Tea Party Islamophobes

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Matt Simmons Dead of Heart Attack in Hot Tub

August 9, 2010 4 comments

Oil Expert and BP Critic Matt Simmons Suddenly Dies

International Business Times

Matt Simmons, a former oil investment banker and famous for his controversial criticisms of BP, is dead.

There are conflicting reports about the cause of death. Some media cite police reports saying the cause was a heart attack. However, according to WLBZ-TV in Maine, the Knox County Sheriff’s Department said Simmons drowned at his house oi North Haven late Sunday night.

Simmons founded Simmons & Co. International, one of the world´s leading investment banks for the energy industry, and had recently retired to work full time on his newly founded Ocean Energy Institute, promoting the use of offshore wind power.

Simmons also served as energy adviser to U.S. President George W. Bush. He was a member of the National Petroleum Council and the Council on Foreign Relations.

He became famous as a leading advocate of the “peak oil” theory, saying that the production capacity for oil would drop soon and rapidly.

More recently Simmons got publicity with dire calls about the fate of the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil catastrophe. One month ago, he said on CNBC that scientists had estimated a flow rate from the uncontrolled well of 120,000 barrels per day — instead of the initially official number of just 5,000 barrel per day.

Simmons said that the well could not be easily stopped, and that the relief wells would fail to stop the spill. He even suggested that the best option would be to detonate a small nuclear bomb undersea to kill the well.

Matthew Simmons Discusses BP’s Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico

MSNBC July 15: Matt Simmons still says BP covering up MASSIVE HOLE miles away, cap test is “absurd”

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MSNBC’s Ratigan says “accurate” Matt Simmons to be dismissed “until the facts make that impossible”

Matt Simmons Big Oil Insider Exposes Massive BP Cover Up Fraud & Hoax

Kindra Arnesan – Gulf Emergency Summit

Confirmation of the local overview Venice LA – 6/19/10.. Quoted on PBS today in one sentence. Hear the horrors of the front lines and behind scenes workings of the BP Gulf Oil Spill Catastrophe. This Venice LA local has been granted security clearance to see it all.