The “Propaganda Puree” Game

How to Play. Each week we will bring you a hilariously obvious “Propaganda Clip.”  It is up to each individual player to decipher the clip and comment their answers below the post.  Each player will identify the following:

Pinpoint the Propaganda (PP): What’s the propaganda message they are attempting to spread?

Debunk the Debunk (DD): Was anything “debunked” or blown off as “kooky, incredible, utterly false that you would like to reject or backup with proof, evidence, etc?

New World Order Agenda (NWOA): What’s the NWO goal?  For instance, if the clip is about a man who went on a wild-killing-spree rampage with his rifle, the agenda might be…   To Take Our Guns

Common Sense (CS): Let’s see how much common sense you can inject with regard to the topics covered!

Puree!(P!): Mix it up! Have your say!

Pour & Serve (optional): This is the fun part!  As we know all too well – 70% of what people “believe” actually doesn’t come from their own thought process anymore.  Where does it come from?  TV of course.  Common sense and “self-thinking” are pretty much dead.  Use these posts to interject common sense into other networks and threads – when the message applies.  Let’s SPEAK OUT in numbers against the PROPAGANDA we are fed – and let’s give the propagandized zombies an opportunity to look at the common sense and true agenda behind the lies they are fed!

Winning the Game. De-program the dumbed down, propagandized population while you blow off some steam and have a few good laughs at the expense of the NWO’s Propaganda Puppets.

BONUS: Can you assign an obligatory, stigmatic term to the message or a person or people behind the clip (you know, like they do with terms such as “truther”, “birther”, “tenther”)?

Prizes. Should be obvious.

CLICK HERE to find this week’s game!

If you want a PERFECT EXAMPLE on how someone utilized YouTube to “play this game”..  even tho he wasn’t playing, watch this!!!:

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