Bulk Foods

When I decided to look into buying food in bulk, I was nervous.  I just didn’t know where to go, what to buy, how good the food would be, etc.  I looked on the internet to see if I could find out what other’s were buying, but no one really went into detail about their purchases or how satisfied they were with the food.

I knew I didn’t want to invest in MRE’s.  Long ago, people were able to grow their own food and sustain themselves without MRE’s..  and this is the route I wanted to take.  I don’t want to be dependent on an MRE that I am unable to purchase when the stock runs out.  I am all about “self sufficiency” and “homesteading.”  I want my food to taste good, be organic as possible and rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Since I’ve been buying in bulk, I probably go “grocery shopping” 4 times per year! Yeah, we have to stop and get bread, milk and eggs and maybe even something for dinner that we are craving, here and there, but for the most part, I’m pretty much all stocked up.  As soon as I get my latest bulk food shipment up to my pantry and organize it a bit better, I’ll take some photo’s for you.

My Food Survival System is 8 part:

  • Bulk Food:  Have enough on hand to get us through at least one year of “fill ins” while the garden is growing and while we are canning what comes from the garden.
  • Stocked Food:  Stocking up on several things from Sam’s Club (I’ll give you a list below)
  • Fresh Food:  from the Garden (when season allows)
  • Canned Garden Food:  during off garden season
  • Wild Game
  • Fish From our New Pond
  • Chickens and Eggs
  • Wild Food:  Ramps, Onions, Mushrooms, etc.

Bulk Food

I get my bulk food from Walton Feed and Blue Chip.  Both are very reasonably priced and the food is delicious! Even when not in “survival mode”, it makes perfect sense to purchase their bulk food.  You save money, you can order online and the food is delivered to your door.

My Favorites from Walton Feed

I try to buy most of my food by the pail.  They stack and store easily.  Some of the food I have to buy by the bag, just make sure you have a way of sealing the bad.  I like to roll the bad down and place other bags on top.  You can also buy by 2.5 lb can’s.

Corn Muffin Mix (my husband will never eat Jiffy again – it’s that good!)

Save Time White Bread

Potato Flakes (so good! – doesn’t taste fake)

Potato Soup  (Yummy!!!)

Powdered Sugar (to sweeten bread or pancakes or make cake frosting with)

Buttermilk Biscuit Mix  (OMG, this is so good!)

Chocolate Cake


Rolled Oats

Great Northern Beans

Morning Moo  (milk)

Powdered Eggs (whole)

Instant Milk

Shortening Powder

Potatoes with Butter


Mountain Stew

Brownie Mix

Vegetable Noodle Soup

Yeast, Flour and other essentials.

I haven’t ordered anything from then that myself or my family disliked.  It’s all really fantastic!


I order 2 things from them and they are unbelievably good and saves money!

Blueberry Pancake Mix

Apple/Cinnamon Pancake Mix

Sam’s Club

Dog Food

Bulk Packages of Meat (on sale) to separate and freeze

Spaghetti Sauce


Peanut Butter (the large containers)


Pancake Syrup


Butter  (real butter)

Texas Toast

Cheese Sauce


Canned Hams


Canned Goods

Vienna Sausage


Laundry Detergent

Pinto Beans


Soy Sauce

Fresh Food from the Garden

This coming growing season will be my first year growing heirloom.  Growing heirloom is a must in survival mode because you can collect the seeds from heirloom crops to dry and store for next years planting.  If the elitist’s are storing heirloom seeds in their secret “Doomsday Seed Vault” – you might want to explore this.  Heirloom crops are crops that have not been genetically engineered or cross-breeded.  They are actually becoming extinct, so do yourself a favor and grow only an heirloom garden.  I buy my heirloom seeds from a couple different companies and I will post links to them as soon as my garden grows satisfactorily.

Canned Garden Food

The only thing I canned last year was peppers and onions.  See..  I’m new at this!  And one thing is for sure..  if I can do it, you can too, believe me! When you grow peppers, you get so many!  I grew 3 different types and canned them with onions and garlic and they are amazing.  I use them in chili and other sauces.

Wild Game

I live on a mountain and we have small wild game and wild turkeys.  If I want a turkey, I’ll get my .22..  but we have metal traps for smaller game.  I don’t see many rabbits or squirrel, which is weird to me.  I’m from up north and they are all over up there.  I love the taste of rabbit, squirrel is okay.  I don’t think I could kill either unless I needed to.

Fish From Our New Pond

I LOVE FISH!  My husband hates it but says he will eat it if he has to.  This past summer we had a pond dug out.  We will be stocking it with several types of fish, including my favorite pond fish, catfish..  this coming spring.  I’ll let you know how all that turns out.

Chickens and Eggs

Our chicken barn should be done by spring.  I love fresh eggs!

Wild Growing Food

Ramps grow wild in March and April..  and they are so good!  I love to mix them in eggs.  We also have an abundance of wild onions.  We have to really look for the mushrooms, but they are pretty abundant as well.

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